Hamilton Parklands School provides a balanced curriculum that is targeted at individual needs. Our curriculum follows the guidelines of the Victorian curriculum. We provide explicit instruction in literacy, numeracy, personal and social skills and life skills programs. We may also provide instruction in music, art and physical education.

In 2020 we have four general classrooms with small group sizes.

Our classrooms are all staffed by a classroom teacher and at least one education support staff who work together to support student learning. The focus is on curriculum, social skills and life skills development.  We also have dedicated Art and Music specialists.

Other Programs We Offer:

Cooking: Cooking and food hygiene are essential life skills that are explored at Hamilton Parklands School in our purpose built kitchen.

The program is based on student needs and capability, with students participating in learning how to cut fruit and vegetables, spread butter, measure, mix and cook. The cooking program also encompasses shopping and budgeting as part of the mathematics program.

Work Experience: Work experience is offered to students in the year they turn 16 and is determined by the student interests. Students participate in work experience for a total of up to 40 days a year by the end of their final year of school with the goal of transitioning into meaningful employment opportunities.

Swimming: Swimming is a vital life skill. All of our students participate in swimming lessons for approximately 30 weeks a year to learn how to be safe in and around water, as well as developing essential self-care skills.