Students who are eligible for enrolment at Hamilton Parklands School will be required to participate in a transition program, as will students graduating.

Prep Entry:

Students who enrol for Prep will participate in a transition program in term 4 to ensure they feel safe and secure in the new school environment. This may include a series of short sessions in the classroom, building up to a full day in preparation for full time enrolment in term one.

Year Seven Entry:

Students transitioning into Hamilton Parklands School will participate in a series of sessions in term four of their grade six year to ensure they are confident and comfortable in the new environment. This helps students develop some connections with staff and students.

Adhoc Transfer:

Students who are transferring from other schools will participate in a transition program to ease into school life in a new school environment. It is always difficult moving schools part way through a year and to ensure a smooth and less stressful start we will support students through transition to become comfortable in our school while we all get to know each other.

Transition programs will be developed by the family and the school on an individual basis.