PSD Assessments

Program for Students with a Disability   (PSD)

All students who attend Hamilton Parklands School must be funded under the Program for Students with Disabilities. Students may be assessed at any time during their schooling, usually before starting school in prep and a reassessment when transitioning from year six to year seven. The school completes the applications for assessment.

Year 6/7 Review:

Students on the Program for Students with disabilities are reassessed for funding in the year they would be transitioning from grade six to year seven. This happens for children in specialist schools based on their age.

The review makes sure your child is getting the right support for their needs. It also helps the student support group to know how your child’s needs have changed over time.

The student support group prepares the review, and the principal submits it to the Department’s Resources Coordination Group.

If PSD funding is no longer suitable, the secondary school will get Transition Support Funding. This helps support setting up personalised teaching and learning programs for your child when they start secondary school.

Prep Entry:

If you think your child may be eligible for Hamilton Parklands School come in and talk to the principal. If we think it’s possible to apply for funding, we will start the process.

We will ask you to gather information that may include medical reports from your child’s doctor, physiotherapist, psychologist, speech pathologist or other allied health professionals. You’ll be responsible for giving up-to-date reports to the school. Talk to us about timelines so you can make appointments if needed.

Under the category of intellectual disability Assessments Australia carry out the assessment. You’ll get some forms to sign to give permission for this to happen. You’ll also be asked for information about your child.

When the application is ready, it is sent to the Department’s Resources Coordination Group. The group includes professionals and representatives from the Department. They will check the application to make sure it meets the eligibility criteria and let the school know if the application is successful. We will let you know of the outcome.