Student Support Groups

A student support group gives you the opportunity to work with your child’s school to make decisions about their education and check their progress.

The group includes:

  • you – as your child’s parent or carer
  • the teacher or teachers who have responsibility for your child
  • the school principal or a nominee – for example, the assistant principal.

It can also include:

  • any other people who work with your child, as agreed by the group – for example a social worker or medical professional
  • your support person or advocate – if you choose to use one
  • your child – if appropriate.

Your child can attend student support group meetings, but there may be times when this is not appropriate. Even if they do not attend, your child’s preferences can be considered when the group makes decisions.

For students in the PSD, student support group meetings take place at least once every school term. The principal or their nominee organises the meetings.

At the meetings, you may work with the rest of the group to:

  • consider your child’s learning needs and views
  • make an individual education plan for your child
  • plan reasonable adjustments to support your child’s participation
  • plan your child’s personal or medical care at school
  • plan transitions – for example, from primary to secondary school
  • check your child’s progress.